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Jeans & A Nice Top: Winter Edition

07.18.23Yvette Anderson

Jeans & A Nice Top: Winter Edition

Jeans & A Nice Top: Winter Edition

Posted by Claudia Larbie on



“Oh, what are you wearing out tonight?” “Maybe jeans and a nice top?”

It’s a phrase we’ve heard and said a million times before! It’s a classic, a go-to, an all-rounder - not to mention an all time favourite. It’s a combo that’ll show up time after time, she’s there for us whenever we need her to be. 

As the cooler months start to come around, the phrase jeans & a nice top gets used a little less. We either resort to hibernating or we don’t know how to style the combo for winter. I totally understand, (trust me, I do) - but life is too short to be cooped away for a whole quarter of the year - these are moments we will never get back again! That’s why I’m here today to help you create a rendition of the jeans & a nice top craze; a winter rendition. 

But can you wear jeans & a nice top during the winter? I mean, yes you can of course but there's a few layers (pun intended) to it. First you’ve got to make sure the top is semi weather appropriate, we don’t want you stepping out and freezing. If the girls are going to be showing, we’ve got to make sure that your arms are nice & cosy. 

In this blog post, we’re going to show you a few of our favourite jeans & a nice top styles. Looks that we can think you can recreate & have on rotation all winter season. Because let’s be real, all that matters is what you’re wearing under that coat.


Let’s start off with bodysuits. Bodysuits are so great because more often than not, they offer a refined look throughout whilst taking away the stress of needing to tuck your top into your bottoms. Presented in a copious amount of styles, you’re bound to find one that’ll feel like it was made for you & you only! 

Often when I reach for a bodysuit to pair with my denim, a contrasting look immediately comes to mind! If the bodysuit is form fitting, I’ll opt for either a wide-leg or straight jeans - if the bodysuit carries a little more volume (perhaps a statement sleeve), I’ll wear a pair of skinnies. Here’s a little winter-approved bodysuit styling inspo for you: 

Simply pop a coat over the top and you’re good to go! 


Over the past 2 years, we’ve seen a resurgence in corsets, making their way back into the rotational fashion cycle! Worn by almost everyone & their beloved, it seamlessly blends into fashion’s latest craze - a tiny top & big pants! It’s no wonder the girls are reaching for a cute corset & jeans when it's time to head out to town. 

An ode to the Victorian era, corsets have been reimagined in the most modern way possible. With shape as its stand out feature, they accentuate & give the illusion of a smaller waist without compromising your breathing. Not to mention, they also evoke an air of classic femininity like no other. We’ve put together some winter-approved corset looks for you:

All you need is a cute jacket & you’re good to go. We reckon a fur trim jacket might just do the trick! 


Incredibly easy to wear & style, having a good shirt in your wardrobe usually warrants endless styling opportunities. Comfortable & extremely versatile - we think a good boyfriend shirt is an ultimate wardrobe staple. The great thing about shirts is the fact that there’s now loads of iterations - you’ve got the cropped shirt, the satin shirt, the oversized shirt, the plisse shirt and of course your classic white button down! 

All of the styles listed above look great paired with jeans. Sexy meets sweet in a gorgeous satin button down shirt. For the ultimate girls night out look, pair a satin shirt with some light wash denim jeans & your favourite pair of heels. Spoiler alert: plenty of compliments are headed your way! 

Imagine one of these shirts paired with your favourite jeans - chefs kiss! 

Knit Top

Say hello to effortless elevation. A knit top paired with jeans for a night out guarantees comfort & fashion points throughout! We reckon this combo works great for a casual dinner out with your loved ones, those nights where you know you’re going to be back in bed & snuggled up no later than 10pm! 

With knit tops, there’s a lot of range and sometimes depth (we’re talking the texture & weight of the knit) for you to choose from. For a chunky knit, a tighter jean works great as it balances out the silhouettes & structure of your look. If you’re going to reach for a lightweight cropped knit top, perhaps a high waisted straight leg jean might be your best option.

Don’t be afraid to reach for knits with a slight twist, maybe a knit top with an asymmetrical neckline or an alluring cut-out. Don’t forget to accessorise with jewellery and some cute shoes

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