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It's a Soft Girl Spring

09.04.23Yvette Anderson

It's a Soft Girl Spring

It's a Soft Girl Spring

Posted by Claudia Larbie on

Coming straight off the pink craze, the girls have landed on a new trend & we’re just about obsessed as you are (or soon will be)! The sun is out in full force, we've got peps in our steps & there’s finally light at the end of a long winter tunnel! So what better time than now to enter your soft girl era? 

Think head-to-toe pastels, puff sleeves, pretty pinks, florals & everything girly. Being a soft girl isn’t just a trend - it’s a whole lifestyle & we want to help you unlock your inner soft girl! She’s in there somewhere, she just needs a little loving, styling & encouragement of course. 

In this blog, we’re going to break down staples we think every girl needs to achieve her soft girl dreams. From gorgeous butterfly claw clips to ditsy floral dresses - by the time you’d finish reading this article, you’re going to want to put on a ditsy floral dress, hair clips & a whole load of pink blush! We’re calling it right this instant.

Crop Tops

We thought we’d start off cute and comfy with a trusty crop top. Super soft & super wearable, you can dress a crop top up or down no matter where you’re headed or not headed. 

Hypothetically, say you’ve got a busy errand day ahead and you’d still like to nail the brief - turn to a buttery soft crop top & denim shorts to do the talking for you. The great thing about a staple crop top is that, they’re essentially forever pieces. They’ve been in the fashion cycle for years & at this point we think it's safe to say, they’re a mainstay. 

For a girls day out in the sun or a bottomless brunch, turn to a slightly dressier option. Perhaps a crop top adorned in florals with shirred detailing! Dress it up with a pair of mom jeans and strappy white heels. Don’t forget to accessorise! We’re thinking pearls, maybe a cute love heart ornament! 

Light Wash Denim

Look, we love a good pair of dark wash jeans just as much as the next person but for this particular aesthetic, we need to focus. And all the focus is on a good pair of light wash jeans. 

Not only does it evoke a sense of femininity like no other but it’s versatile! It compliments almost every hue and it’ll for sure blend well with all your pretty pinks & florals. Often presented in a copious amount of silhouettes & styles, take your pick from a skinny pair that’ll accentuate & flatter or a chic mom jean that’ll add that retro feminine flair you’re after. 

For those warmer days, our range of relaxed denim shorts have got you covered through & through. We think a high rise pair ties in perfectly with the soft girl aesthetic but hey every style is destined to look great! Follow whatever your inner soft girl may say to you.. 

Midi Dresses 

Perfect, perfect, perfect! 

That’s three words to describe how we feel about milkmaid dresses. Perfect in shape, silhouette & size, these will become a wardrobe favourite the second they enter your rotation. We would simply be evil to not discuss & celebrate the importance of a good midi dress in your closet, especially if it's in a gingham dress.

Our curated collection of midi dresses celebrates everything feminine, floral & pink. Tiered skirts come together with shirred bodices, puffed sleeves & standout florals to give you summer-time staples for days! 

Take your pick from a cute mini self check style or a midi puff sleeve design. Hint: these are perfect for both day & night. Make sure to swap out your slides or sandals for a cute pair of heels if you’re headed to a cocktail party! 

Accessories (Claw Clips Babe! Claw Clips!) 

Every girl knows that accessorising is an important step to completing a look. You can’t leave the ears and neck bare. I mean you can, but we would strongly advise against - especially if you’re trying to enter your soft girl era! When it comes to this particular craze, accessorising really ties the whole look in. 

Whether it’s cute butterfly clips you want to place all throughout your French braids or a cute flower pendant you’re going to let dangle around your neck, you need to wear it with pride. 

For this trend we would recommend tapping a little into Y2K. In Y2k sits a lot of pastels, so go from there and then decide. A half up, half down hairstyle looks great with a pink butterfly claw clip whilst a high pony looks great with some pastel toned organza scrunchies! The world is your oyster here, you can take this whatever route you want to take it through.

We don’t know whether to thank the pink queen herself for reconnecting us with pink & hyper-femininity or the universe for bringing us along this great pink path but either way, we’re quite grateful and spoiler alert: we’ve already entered our soft girl era....TAG you’re it 

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