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A Fashion Guide to Concert & Festival Season

10.25.23Yvette Anderson

A Fashion Guide to Concert & Festival Season

A Fashion Guide to Concert & Festival Season

Posted by Claudia Larbie on


It certainly feels like every artist has landed in the Southern hemisphere & boy are we not complaining. From your favourite band to your favourite pop & R&B Soul artists, the girls are all about live music & fire concert outfits this season.

Without a doubt, one of the most fun parts about live music is figuring out your concert outfit. Yes, it can be stressful but there’s plenty of fun elements, especially when you’re well prepared!

Something that’s sort of come along as a trend lately is festival goers dressing cohesively, almost as if there’s an unspoken theme that’s been created. Concert goers usually try their hardest to match the energy of whomever may be performing. Whether it's silver & dramatic accents for Beyonce’s Renaissance or darks & metallics' for The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn shows - the girls aren't playing about dress codes & concert outfits.

In this blog post we’re going to break down different styles of 'fits for every genre, moment & calibre of music! Staying comfortable & super stylish shall remain at the forefront of all our brains no matter the type of event you may have ahead of you. We've got you boo; outfit inspo coming right up!

A Pop Concert

So you’ve got a major pop concert on the horizon! Maybe you’ve just been given Taylor Swift Eras tickets & are starting to plan ahead. 

A failsafe look for a pop concert usually begins with a cute pair of cowboy boots! Not only are they comfortable but you’re instantly given so much room to dance comfortably all night long. The great thing about cowboy boots is that they can be dressed up or down, no matter the aesthetic.

If you love a mini dress, turn to our stylish range to find the perfect look for you! Comfy & extremely versatile, you know for sure you’ll be picking it up again once the concert is over. If you’re more of a mini skirt girlie, not to worry we’ve got a collection to cover all your specific needs. 

With pop concerts, it all really comes down to the accessories! You could easily dress up a simple t-shirt & denim shorts with the right accessories. Turn a basic outfit cool with a cute cowboy hat, some glitter, a cute bag & bam - you're ready to turn heads!

An R&B Concert

Did someone call for the most stylish combo of all time? Jeans & nice top...

Versatile in all its glory, you can literally never go wrong with jeans & a nice top. Not only can you dress it up depending on the type of artist you’re seeing but you can also dress it down if you’re really not in the mood to dress up but you want to keep it cute. 

Denim makes room for easy mix + matching so you can stress less about your top half. For a cute pop of colour, reach for a bright crop & some baggy jeans to do the talking for you! If you want to keep things mellow whilst ensuring the vibes are still high, take your pick from our attractive range of corset tops or perhaps a sleek bodysuit

If you’ve got yourself some seated tickets, turn it all the way up with a fun pair of heels! For the girlies who love a little GA moment, we’d recommend a cute pair of sneakers. Remember comfort is the backbone of every outfit! Comfort babe, Comfort!

A Hip-Hop Concert

For a hip-hop concert we think you can't go wrong with channelling a cool & casual streetwear aesthetic. Think oversized clothing, drop silhouettes, cropped tees & more!

Basically everything cute & chic but made cool with a streetwear touch. For a hip-hop concert, we would shine a spotlight on utilitarian styles. We’re talking cargo pants, cargo skirts, tops with utility accents & more! 

A combo that always looks great when it comes to the utilitarian trend is tiny top big pants. You want to balance out the silhouette of oversized cargos with a form-fitting top that’ll give the illusion of a cinched waist. Take your pick from our wide selection of corset tops designed to add balance & interest to any outfit. If a corset top isn’t up your alley, pair your cargos with one of our printed crop tops to create the perfect concert look. Don’t forget to accessorise & play around with colours to find what works for you! 

PS: Depending on whatever type of ticket you may have, shoe choices are completely up to personal preference. However, we can definitely confirm platform heels, chunky boots & sneakers look amazing paired with cargos & a nice top!

Outdoor Festival

Now for the real big kicker, the event that usually leaves us bed-ridden for a good 24 hours post conclusion. Festivals!!!! Often held at at an outdoor venue, the vibes of a music festival are nothing short of great. You've got good weather, boogying, loads & loads of smiles & nothing but genuine joy.

The second most exciting part of a music festival (after all the performances) is of course the fashions!! Be prepared to see a lot of cowboy hats, band tees, statement pants, boots, fringe denim, lace & all things funky & cool!

No matter what you're wearing, we want to make sure that comfort is the #1 factor behind all outfit choices. The four festival trends we're obsessed with this year are mesh, crochet, rodeo, metallics, cargos & of course classic denim. Should you take our advice and incorporate any of these pieces into your outfit, we can guarantee vibe checks all around!

For a failsafe outfit option, turn to a cute crop top & loose fitting pants. Laid back & ultra-cool this is an effortless outfit that blends both style & comfort. If you'd like to add a bit of personality to your outfit, following a Western-inspired aesthetic will work great in your favour. Style your favourite pair of cowboy boots with a denim skirt and a barely there top for a super cute vibe. Yes ladies, you can definitely wear your bikini top as a crop top (the weather definitely won't mind at all).

Another look that works so perfect is an oversized tee worn as a dress! Throw on a biker jacket over the top if you dare. 

Luckily for you, with all the trends & aesthetics floating around as of late - your outfit look book is practically endless! Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix & match with different styles to figure out what works for you.

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